Monday, 20 March 2017

Daily Doodles and a Tip for Keeping Them Going.

Hello again!  Sorry it's been a while, I've been without my laptop for the past few weeks and I can't work out how to post on Blogger using my tablet so as you can imagine, it's good to be back using a laptop again!
So would you like to see what I've been doing? I've been making a doodle day in my art journal, doodling whatever happens to come out on the page. I never plan them, they surprise me as much as anyone with the imagery that comes out.
Now is the time you might want to go and grab a cup of tea and come back here to settle down for a few minutes because there are quite a few I have to show you!😁
These first few are done using my trusty Posca pens.  


These are done in watercolour with the addition of black and white pens.(above pic and below)

More watercolour with some black penwork.

My other new favourites are my Tombow pens that you might remember me talking about in my last post.
 They make lovely bright strong colours if you layer one on top of the other.

And then my drawings took a different turn.
I started to make paintings with very limited colour.

Some were only black and white, can you believe it! Here they all are in close up...

A little colour started to creep back into the last two. It was only a matter of time wasn't it?😉

So what is my🌟golden🌟 tip for keeping these daily doodles going? Well I shall tell you.😄

I make my doodles in the morning before I do anything else with my art journal ready next to my art supplies ready for action. I set up something to listen to while I'm drawing like a podcast or a Youtube video. This helps my mind switch off from the imagery and that's where the surprises happen! 
The routine I'm in now is when I've finished the drawing, I cover the next empty pages of my art journal with a background of acrylic, watercolour or inks so that they're dry and ready for the next day. This can be just a plain colour, or even black as I've done in some of the pictures in this post. It's great to have already made a start when I come to the pages the next day. A lot of people get alarmed by a blank white page but if it's already covered in something then it's almost already a painting isn't it?
At the beginning of each of these drawings, I felt as though I was making a mess, doing a terrible drawing, but it doesn't matter. I told myself no-one needs to see these.
Except that now everyone can see these and I had fun making them.  I hope that if you're artistic in any way this will inspire you to have a go. 

Let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear! xx


Acornmoon said...

I have enjoyed looking through your art journal so thanks for posting. Your vibrant, colourful pages are very uplifting but then again I am liking the more subdued works.

Alexandra MacVean said...

What wonderful, cheery pages of your art book. I LOVE them. You have such a unique, happy style. No one should be able to walk away from your art without smiling in return!

My process is to usually sketch 1-2 ideas out on paper, transfer them and start painting, rotating between the two while one is drying. I often listen to something as well, whether music or a movie/tv show on Netflix! :)

Wood Fairy said...

Hello Jessie you have some lovely work in your journal, I especially like your black and white art.

Heru Notodirjo said...

very beautiful artworks... the colors are very impressive ^_^

denthe said...

I love my Posca's but I never really thought of using them for drawing. You have given me quite some ideas! I love your new ladies in your journal, the colours and the variation. Beautiful work! And thanks for the tip for daily drawing! I'll have to try it :-)

Jules Madden said...

Hey Jess :) You work is so lovely and yes ^^^ what Alexandra said, it makes you smile :) I love your morning routine of art journaling. I wish I was as dedicated to it. Maybe I should make it a morning ritual first too instead of Facebook, lol. I've prompted you to get out your co,lured pencils, now I'm feeling like getting out my poscas ;) xx

Tammie Lee said...

They are all lovely Jess.
Such a feminine feeling and a bit ethereal too.
Each piece is a joy to see.