Monday, 19 December 2011

The Fairy Can Fly

My fairy on top the christmas tree from the post below was having trouble flying and was sinking into the tree.
It was my fault, How can I have forgotten to give her wings?! She's looking a whole lot happier about things now.

And talking of happy,
I am so happy  (yAy!) to be chosen by Allison Marie  to be included in her beautiful treasury 'Colour Frenzy'!
(click HERE to take you to see it.)

I'd do a screenshot of the web page but my computer doesn't have that option in the drop down menu. Does anyone have an idea how I might do it another way?
Answers gratefully received! :)


rachel awes said...

your flyable fairy is oh so pretty!! happy holidays,
treasured one! xox

SaraLynn said...

What sweet images! I absolutely love the way you draw leaves!

Victoria Stitch said...

i have no idea how you'd do it other than screenshot. There is a way to do screenshot using the keyboard though. i love your fairy! especially the mix of real image and drawing! very festive

Carol said...

Oh she is flying! How wonderful, she does look much happier and she brought a friend too!
I don't know how to do a screenshot but if I want to "import" a page I left click my mouse, highlight the content (i.e. it turns blue as you move up the page), press Control and C, go to where I want to import to....... press Control and works for me. (I'm not very techy, so I might be talking rubbish in relation to what you are asking)
Carol xx

MelMel said...

Such lovely pictures!xx

Tammie Lee said...

ah, such a lovely fairy and perfect for a tree top. I have a butterfly on mine.

lovely holidays to you~

Ginny said...

Your fairy is wonderful. I loved watching her sink into the tree but I am so happy she has her wings. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to fly?
Have a wonderful holiday. And thank you once again for inspiring me to keep on creating.

Robin Larkspur said...

I adore your Fairy, she is truly lovely! Good luck with your computer question! I am totally non-tech, I'm sorry to say! Happy Yule, Merry Holidays!

Marilyn said...

Your fairy is beautiful and love your other art piece of the lady with the bird, it is so beautiful.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Sarah said...

Beautiful work!! I love the wings you've added. The blue-haired girl is a nice addition to this piece as well! :)

Amalia K said...

Such a lovely fairy, Jessie! I can see you're still having fun with the collage? :)

Anyway, if you'd like to post a treasury, why not use a special tool that can link directly to the listings? Click here:

Have a wonderful holiday season! oxx

Karen said...

Collage is fun isn't it. I love the fairy. :) Absolutely no idea either how to do screen shots?... Sorry.
Wishing you a happy magical Christmas/yule xx

Rosie said...

If you press the prt sc key on the keyboard it should copy the page to your clipboard. Then go to where you want to put the page and press control and V. It should work but probably won't since I suggested it, ha, ha.

Clare said...

Love her she is so composed and regal on top of the tree. Happy Christmas and great 2012 to you. Big hugs too.

Purpletreebird said...

Thankyou, I feel much happier now that the fairy is complete! One day I'll learn to make a screenshot, one day!
Jess xx